Just because Valentines day is coming up does not mean you have to start planning on how to flee the country because you do not want to be reminded of how single you are. Embrace the single life because really it is just another day.

Who needs chocolate, flowers, and a nice dinner anyway...


Here are some things to keep in mind,

1. Avoid Couples

That best friend that has been in a 1 year+ relationship… yeah AVOID. They will be busy with their significant other anyway. And even if your friend says you feel sympathy and tells you to join, you won't be doing him/her or yourself any favors.

2. Singles UNITE


Hit a happy hour at a bar, but at all costs avoid any restaurants near by. Just focus on you and your single friends having a fun night out.

3. Buy some chocolate


You don't need a date to give anything to. Treat yourself first!


4. Lastly, find something to be thankful for


Don't let a single made-up holiday make you feel alone.  Think of all that you have and then remember all the money you have saved;)

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