10 Ways To Stay Active This Summer

If you’re anything like me, summer is the time when you hit that gym slump. Not because you don’t want to look good in that adorable new bikini and cool new sunglasses, but because being stuck inside picking heavy things up and putting them back down again just doesn’t sound as good as it did when it was cold out. When the weather starts to get warmer, I would much rather be outside, enjoying the sun and breathing in that sweet summer air. So, here are my top ten picks to beat that gym slump and enjoy staying in shape outside: 
Change of Scenery  
The simplest way to replace the gym with an outdoor workout is to simply move your workout outside. It’s super easy to go for a run outdoors and work on those abs in a grassy area. This is the simplest way to change things up this summer!

Bike Ride 
Most areas have great bike trails. You can download apps like Map My Ride for free to track your speed, distance and time. It’s a nice way to get a cool breeze and get your legs in great shape! Just make sure to bring lots of water with you!

Dance Party  
Summer is THE TIME for festivals and great shows. Not only will you get to see your favorite bands live but nothing burns more calories than dancing like no one is watching to your favorite songs in a crowd full of people. This is a fun way to work up a sweat all while making new friends and memories that will make this summer the best one yet!


Play Tourist  
Why not take a day and explore your own city? Who knows what kind of fun things you will discover! You could do this by walking or riding your bike, either way you are bound to find something you never knew existed. Grab a friend, stop anywhere that looks interesting and see what kind of unique places you end up!

Game Time!  
One of my favorite things about summer is the local park scene. There is something awesome about grabbing a group of friends and starting up a volleyball game! Have everyone bring some kind of snack to share and turn it into a potluck! I guarantee you will work up a sweat diving after the ball with all of the friendly competition that is sure to emerge!

Outdoor ZEN  
For a more relaxing workout you can take your yoga mat outside and perfect those poses while basking in the warm sun. During the summer, tons of free outdoor classes tend to pop up, so look up events in your area and turn that na’ma’skip the gym into na’ma’stay outdoors


Let Your Inner Child Out 
Remember the good old days of water fights? Well get out those squirt guns and water balloons and have a good old fashioned water war. Divide into teams and defend your territory with those Super Soakers and coolers filled with water balloons. You can easily make this even more competitive by using an old t-shirt as a flag at each base and turning your water fight into a soaked game of capture the flag!


Go Wild  
There is something special about a summer a hike. You could choose a short day hike, or if you are feeling even more adventurous maybe try a multi-day hike with camping! Either way, you are bound to not only enjoy the exercise, but getting away from the business of urban areas is always a much needed break! 

Shop Local  
Farmers Markets are everywhere during the summer! They are a great way to shop from local vendors and support your local economy. Not to mention, you get exercise in while browsing all of the vendors! In addition, farmers’ markets are stocked full of fresh fruits and veggies so eating healthy after is a breeze! Just make sure to bring cash in case they don’t have the ability to take card payment!


Get Wet 
Whether you live in a land-locked state or you have a coast in your backyard, water is always a fun way to escape the heat on hot summer days. Look up water sport rentals near you and I bet you will find some fun things! Paddling down a ragging river, going for a steady canoe ride, learning to surf or even just going for a swim are all great ways to stay cool and burn some serious calories. 


So there you have it, my top ten ways to stay in shape when you would rather be outside than inside a gym! Whether you are living it up at a concert, exploring a new place or trying to fit in with the neighbor’s kids I hope I have inspired you to stay healthy while catching some rays! But before you do, leave a comment how you stay active outside the gym in the comment section below!  
Thanks for reading!  

By Hannah Solomon  

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