Ever stumble upon a seemingly random object that suddenly completes you? We compiled a list of products that once personalized, could be the Jerry Maguire to your Renée Zellweger. Here are our  picks:

    iPhone Wallet

    Everything you need for a night out in one place. Throw your letters on there and show everyone your true colors!  

    Let Your Flag Fly

    Even though the age of exploration is over,  there are still plenty of occasions where you will need to claim territory as your own. Perfect for tailgating, out front of your house, or if you’re feeling particularly bold -- a cape!  Personalize it with a logo, monogram, or fraternity or sorority letters and you’ll never have to worry about telling people to get off of your land again.

    Custom Cowbell!

    Know what this world needs? That’s right, more cowbell.  Take it to the game, or the the philanthropy and let everyone know you mean musical business! 

    Ping Pong Paddles

    Ahh yes, the noble sport of ping pong – an American past time that was reinvigorated by the classic film Forrest Gump.  Blow your friends away with these sick paddles – we can even put a sweet design on them that will improve your game... Probably.

    Bucket Hats!

    Bucket Hats are back! We’re surprised too… Get out on the beach or to a festival and protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays while looking super cool. **Note: We are using a loose interpretation of the word “Cool”. 

    And these are only the tip of the iceberg. Start an order now!


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      Yes, I think part of what I see as stick-leggedness is due to the combination of shoes and socks she’s wrneiag. It might also have something to do with the way her legs are posed (I have to look at the shoes to tell which leg is which). Or it might just be the fact that she’s got stick legs. As a lifelong sufferer of SLS, I’m pretty good at picking it out in others.I also dig the bicycle. I almost wish she was standing behind it so I could get a better view.

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