If there is anything that College Hill does better than other custom apparel companies, it's having fun! Well, on our latest photo shoot in Seattle, WA, with the help of WLT Creative and Bandia Rua studios, we had a hell of a lot of fun, and snapped a couple good shots as well. Check out some behind the scenes photos below and stay tuned for some great new images to come soon!

Wyat of WLT Creative setting up the shoot... Reid waxing his stache in the mirror
Laura, our makeup artist getting the ladies camera ready. She is amazing and you can book her for your upcoming event.
"Quiet on the set!" Yeah Right!!!!
Andrew trying to perfect the natural neck scratch
Drinkin' coffee before it's cool...
"What's wrong with the mustache?"
We had to get at least one RomCom movie poster pose in
Porsche's got that pose down!
I think he's doing the crouching tiger
Because that's how every group of girlfriends drink cocoa... isn't it?
Timing is everything!
Kickin' fashion's ass!
Grab the Snitch! #GoGryffindor 
He's pretty like a girl...
Raver Shades and floral fleece!
Kat: pretty in pink
The man himself. Thank you so much Wyat and WLT Creative
The Cast and Crew!
Stay tuned for the real shots and keep living #LifeCustomized
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