Whether you are just arriving to school at the University of Washington, a fresh transplant after a recent graduation, or just need a new place to eat cheap in the city, we have a few of the go-to spots for Seattle locals that want to eat cheap, but damn well!

1.)Dicks Hamburgers     

Long before Macklemore included it in a music video, this Seattle landmark was pretty cliché -- but honestly there is nothing better than a late night burger from one of Dick’s 6 Locations.  You certainly get your money’s worth since their burgers all cost below $3.00! Plus there is the added bonus of phallus related humor stemming from the restaurant’s name.

2.) Ezell’s Chicken          

This chicken is so good Oprah eats it.  Located across from Garfield High School on 23rd Ave, Ezell’s has been cooking Seattle’s best fried chicken for more than 20 years! Don’t forget to order some of their AMAZING sides when you go; I have put myself into a carb coma more than once by O.D.ing on their rolls… So. Good.


3.) Paseo           

Eating one of Paseo’s amazing sandwiches will honestly make you question all of your life choices up to that point.  The amazing combo of crunchy bread, grilled onions and banana peppers, secret sauce, and meat is possibly the most perfect combination of flavors that has ever existed.  Yelp users agree, and it has been voted one of the best restaurants in seattle multiple times. Aww yiss.  

4.) Piroshky Piroshky        

If you successfully fight through the flocks of tourists in order to get to Pike Place Market then you NEED to swing by Piroshky Piroshky.  This teeny little hole in the wall always has a line out front, but it is totally worth it! Protein + Carbs = <3
Shwarma King
Some of the best late night food in the University District can be found at shwarma king! They have everything from gyros to falafel, and if you have never had Greek fries (Feta + Tzatziki) then you have never truly lived…

    5.) Red Mill Burgers         

    They have a literal mountain of bacon on their grill at all times.  IT’S SO GOOD. This place has been voted as Seattle’s best burger pretty much every year since it opened, and the only thing remotely as good as their burgers are their onion rings, and shakes. Cookies and cream in my personal favorite

    6.) Pecado Bueno      

    One of College Hill employee’s favorite spots, Pecado Bueno boasts some of Seattle’s best nachos and a killer $3 house margarita.   It’s known for its bomb tacos, and mango pineapple salsa which I would eat straight with a spoon if it was socially acceptable.

    7.) Anthony’s Fish Bar         

    What would a visit to Seattle, or a day down by the waterfront be without getting some of the country’s best fish and chips! Their salmon and clam chowder are pretty dang good too.  Personally I only know because of what my new friends on Yelp have told me, I hate fish. Sorry if you feel mislead…

    8.) Il Corvo         

    Every single plate of gourmet pasta served at Il Corvo is under $10, and trust me it is money well spent.  The chefs there incorporate locally grown, seasonal ingredients and the menu changes every day!  Heads up, this is another place where carb comas are common.

    -- Morgan

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