Bid Day! #MemoriesMade

September 2011 My Freshman year:

Recruitment was finally over.  The physically, and emotionally draining week was coming to a close.  Never before had I felt so personally scrutinized; there was no worse feeling then getting the schedule for the day and finding out that a house that you had a great time at had dropped you.  I remember thinking, “should I not have talked about Harry Potter?” “ Why didn’t that one chick realize I was being sarcastic?” And finally” THANK GOD THAT GIRL IN CHI O LAUGHED” when in my overly caffeinated state, my mental filter slipped and a politically incorrect joke had slipped out of my mouth.  The fact that she laughed it off and actually had a sense of humor like a normal human being made me feel a thousand times more comfortable at that house so when it came to preference night, I knew exactly who I wanted to rank as number 1: I was going Chi O. 

The next morning I received my bid card, and then was forced to sit on it for about a half hour.  Those minutes ticked by torturously slow.  Finally we could open them and I have never felt more relieved in my life.  I WAS A CHI OMEGA!!! Once the bid cards were open, everyone ran to rooms where actives from their respective chapters were waiting with matching t-shirts for all of the new members.  Sitting in the Chi O room I looked around at the women that I would spend the next four years of my life with.  We were all wearing bright red shirts with “Pirates of the Chi O-ribbean” plastered across the back, and soon we joined the other 17 sororities and took off running to Greek row! I was a Chi O, I was going home.

We turned the corner on 18th and were greeted by a wave of screaming, music blasting, and cheering! Every house had its own unique theme, and they did it big like only sorority girls can.  I remember walking through the sea of Chi Os and was practically tackled by an extremely over excited sophomore named Amanda.  She ran me through the world’s fastest house tour (only losing me once along the way), helped me pick out a bottom bunk in a prime spot on the porch, and helped me carry all of my boxes up 4 flights of stairs… The moving part was a serious labor of love, Chi O IS BIG.  This girl was my sophomore roommate for that quarter, and eventually would become my big.  Amanda, and my other roommate Meg helped me learn the ropes of the house, made me feel comfortable, and above all else were my very first friends in the house.  



Fast Forward to September 2013 - Junior year

When I moved back into Chi O after a summer of working at the glorious Bed Bath and Beyond there was this moment of pure panic when it truly set in, HOLY (insert favorite expletive here) I’M IN CHARGE OF BID DAY.  This isn't to say I wasn't prepared -- I had started planning in January, and had literally ate slept and breathed Bid Day for months. There were extensive pinterest boards, secret meetings with my trusted group of advisers, and hours combing the internet looking for cute t-shirt ideas.  When the shirts finally came in the mail to my house over the summer I literally could not even! They were so cute!  The chevron pattern in our letters on the front made them pop, and the sailboat design on the back was just what I imagined.  The navy and yellow shirts were accessorized with white bows that I had monogrammed (dies) and entire house would be looking preppy and nautical, I loved it. 


Now back to Work week - it was hard core crafting time.  Since I was on the floor during recruitment, the awesome Bid Day Committee took the reins and decorated the letters, made signs, and constructed an immaculate 2 story poster! They were awesome.  Being on the floor complicated things a bit so during Preference Day I was scampering down to where they were working in between rounds.  The nerves set in and I barely ate, my hands were shaky – possibly due to the obscene amount of caffeine coursing through my veins, and I couldn't sit still.

Chi O or Die Yo


After all of the preference ceremonies were over, it was finally time to pass out the shirts (and the super cute monogrammed bows #TSM)!  Seeing how excited everyone was for Bid Day was a nice little stress reliever for me! I knew that even if our speakers blew up, it poured down rain, or our massive poster fell down we would still have a bomb new pledge class-- and that was cause to celebrate.   The next day our speakers actually did blow (luckily one chi o had a brother in a frat and she pulled some strings/”borrowed” their sound system for a few hours) but everything else ran totally smooth.  Seeing the new pledge class run down 18th all the way to Chi O and their yellow shirts intermingling with the upper classmen’s navy was one of the coolest things I’ve seen.  There was also a lot of pride in that moment, pride for my amazing chapter and the new members that we were bringing into our midst, and also because Bid Day had been my baby and everything went off without any major hitches.  The support of my sisters, as well as the bomb crafting ability of the Bid Day Committee resulted in a Bid Day that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon.  This year’s Bid Day is right around the corner and I cannot wait to see what is set in store!  I am so excited to meet PC 14, rock my senior year, and for all of the new memories to be made.    




- Morgan

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