Delving Into DIY

Work week for my sorority is just around the corner, meaning that I will be moving back into my srat castle Chi Omega soon. The other day, our recruitment chair sent out an email reminding everyone to coordinate with their roommates so that room decorations are cohesive and pretty. In years past I have just entrusted the room decorations to my southern belle, crafting machine of a best friend.  This year however, she is living in an apartment and I am still in the chapter house.   In other words, the crafting duties fell to me.  For the first time since elementary school I was going to have to bust out the glitter and hot glue and get to work.  While the probability of ingesting paste was much lower this time around, my crafting skills certainly have not gotten better with age.  As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, one of my jobs here at College Hill is to manage our sick pinterest account!

Although I am good at researching DIY projects, executing them is another story.  I was determined that this time would be different, so I took a step back and thought about some of my strengths. 1.) I am proficient at cutting paper in a straight line  ) Glue Sticks – I can apply glue to the back of something like a boss, but all bets are off when it comes to sticking the cut out on another piece of paper…Keeping that in mind, I referenced our “So Crafty” Board to find something that within my skill set. 

Finally I found a canvas with a cutout of Washington on it! I can totally do that.  So with a head full of steam I headed down to the local craft store and got supplies. Armed with a canvas, glittery paper, and some modge podge I started working…. Fast forward 2 hours and I had produced a pretty decent decorated (canvas? Painting? I don’t know what the correct terminology is here).  What I had done was to employ my superb tracing and cutting skills to cut out the shape of Washington from the aforementioned glittery paper.  Then I used the modge-podge to put a cool piece of chevron scrapbook paper on the canvas, and then paste the glittery Washington on top of that! Although it was simple, I am excited to say that I will have a decent wall decoration to hang on my wall when I move back to Chi O! 

Since I am heading back to school, it marks the end of my internship here at College Hill.  Over the past three months I have learned a bunch, and had fun doing it! Thank you to everyone at CH Threads for all of the #MemoriesMade this summer!



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