Halloween is one of the greatest holidays of the year. It's a chance to get into character and gather with friends to rally the night away and see who has the best costume. The days of trick or treating may have passed, but the real fun has only begun! Here are some of the common sentiments we share as we get closer to the big day.


1. What the hell am I going to be this year!?

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2. Should I go slutty or something clever and funny?


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3. Definitely something clever and funny. Slutty is so overdone.

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4. What are we going to do?


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5. We're gonna end up at FreakNight again aren't we?

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6. I wonder what else I can get with pumpkin spice in it...

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7. Are people seriously putting up Christmas lights right now!?


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8. Shit! Halloween is next week and I haven't found my costume

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9. I wish constantly eating candy were as acceptable throughout the rest of the year.

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10. What is with candy corn?


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11. Should we carve pumpkins?


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12. I forgot how disgusting carving pumpkins can be.

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13. Why am I still eating candy corn?

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14. OMG I found the perfect costume!

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15. It's slutty. 

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16. Work needs to get the hell out of my way.


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17. Wait, Halloween is on a Friday? HALLELUJAH!

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18. Does that mean there will only be one Halloween party night?


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19. HELL NO! We're going all week!

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20. Tonight is going to be EPIC!

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21. What the hell just happened?

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22. I've made a huge mistake.

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23. So, Thanksgiving dinner anyone?

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