It's been four (or more) years of hard work and dedication. Finally, graduation is upon you and you might have been prepping for it already with graduation pictures, invites and most importantly getting your graduation gown and cap. However, my favorite graduation accessory is the glorious graduation stole. As you sit in a sea of graduates all wearing the same thing, you want to be recognized for your commitment/membership/contribution to an organization, club or college. Stoles are just the accessory for you to gain recognition not just for your degree, but for your extra achievements.
Don’t have one yet? No worries, College Hill Custom Threads has you and your organization covered on this big day!

College Hill Custom Threads will lead you through your graduation style experience with ease by customizing stoles in color, embroidered or screen printed with chapter letters, organization names and logos; oh, the possibilities are endless! However, your college career isn't, so start your order today!




  • Posted by Tobais Armstrong on

    This is awesome! I’m graduating in April and I’ve been looking for a way to spruce up my stole – I didn’t even know that you could customize and make your own either. You can bet I’ll be passing this little bit of information on to my friends who are graduating as well.

  • Posted by blank sashes on

    With your blog it seems quite easy to customize and design our stole. I was thinking to do something creative with my stole and now I can customize it myself. Amazing.

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