I definitely know the importance of advancing in your career while you're in college. And from experience, I know how hard it is to live on an unpaid internship income, or lack thereof. Turns out there are plenty of jobs lurking on your campus that you might have not thought of and that can certainly boost your resume. Of course tailoring your job search to your specific career goals is important but don’t forget the skills that come along with other gigs that might turn future employers’ heads, and make you some cash!

Design, Design, Design!

Gifted at Photoshop or Illustrator? Have a talent and an eye for graphic design or digital marketing? Use your skills and turn it into profit! Not only is this a huge highlight on a resume, but having a design portfolio or even a website to tie your skills, experiences and goals together, is the extra mile in the college world as well as the business world.  I promise, employers will eat that shit up. From student newspapers, editorial campus magazines or advertisements, the possibilities are endless and your talent is needed and will be paid for.

The Art Of Planning

If it’s for your alumni association, great! Make those connections. If it’s for your student entertainment board or services, perfect! Make those connections. If it’s for a club or other organization, wait--did I mention make those connections? Planning events on campus is a great way to network and get involved. It builds upon your communication, organization and leadership skills. Those are most definitely critical skills to have in any career, as well as links you to people all around campus. Hello future letters of recommendation! Either way you look at event planning, it’s a lot of responsibility. From budgeting, team management, coordination and scheduling, the load gets heavy.  But if you can take the heat and have a blast doing it, you will not only land a job that you enjoy, you’ll have a super impressive highlight on your resume!

Brand Ambassador/ Entrepreneur

My friends and I had a blast getting involved with being brand ambassadors and entrepreneurs on campus. Many bigger name brands offer paid programs to help generate their brand awareness on YOUR campus. Do some research and find one in your career field. Having experience working with established companies can land you an insider look into company brand consistency, strategies, new products and overall culture. From PlayStation, Red Bull, Sperry Top-Sider and Victoria’s Secret, the choices are endless and chances are, something will interest you. The free stuff is also a bonus!

Work With A Sports Team

Love a sport? Love them all? Campus sports teams are always looking for help in marketing and good PR. Get creative and get experience in target marketing, budgeting and working with a team. If you're a sports fan, you know how diverse each sports audience can be. Using your knowledge and passion for the game to create inbound and outbound marketing is not only a handy resume builder but also filled with great experience, a steady cash flow and the best memories with your college sports teams.  

Healthy Fix 

Have a passion for fitness or want to work within nutrition or healthy lifestyles? Find yourself a job working at the campus recreational center where you can get paid and work on your summer body! From being a personal trainer to a class instructor, it’s more than likely that your teacher is also a student. Your Zumba dance moves can land you a job and a workout at the same time, not to mention experience as a mentor. Perfect body/resume builder! See what I did there? #Shameless

Picture Perfect!

Good with a camera? Have a camera? Take your gift and run with it. Land yourself a job doing senior portraits for peers all year long, or work with clubs and organizations on pictures for their website or advertisements. Get published and showcased by people all over campus with your talent. Not only is this an awesome way to build your portfolio as a photographer but it is a great way to make extra cash. Having a diverse portfolio as well as being able to self network are great assets on a resume and won’t go unnoticed.

Student Government

Those with high school ASB history, don’t stop there! The perks and job experience from landing a job with your university student government is endless. Some universities have representatives from each area in the college, from arts to business to education. Students are getting paid to represent their passion and major for campus decisions. If vice president or president is more your style you can even have your college tuition paid for by the university. Not only are you getting paid for being involved with your school but you also get to work along the sides of amazing mentors, budgeting on a university scale and managing a staff. I’d like to call that a resume “mic drop”.

Enjoy every minute of college but use your resources and your time wisely. Graduation is just around the corner, and you want to be prepared. Land yourself one of these jobs within your college years and you will not regret the skills and experience you will have locked down on your resume.

Have you had a campus job that was the bee's knees? Share the wealth and write a comment below! 



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