How To Spark Motivation


 Losing motivation happens to the best of us. I myself have been struggling with keeping motivated these past few weeks. Going to the gym and eating healthy (or at all) has been some things that I’ve been skipping out on. I absolutely hate that, but even more so my lack of guilt. With work, papers and errands I am exhausted when the day comes to end and my bed looks so much more appealing than the treadmill. If it’s working out or finishing a project or achieving a goal, we all have things we need to start and finish. We all know too well that finding motivation can be the hardest part.

Personally, I am done with excuses. I have accepted I am human, and some days I deserve a good Netflix binge, but I know I am not the type of person to fall into a hole and get stuck in an unhealthy routine. I refuse to make this a habit.

Here are some simple steps that are helping me get back on track and rekindle my motivation spark.

Wake Up Earlier 

Believe me, sleep is one of my favorite activities, but let’s face it, not much gets done. Wake up an hour earlier and try to make this a habit. Honestly, it feels great not to be in a rush for work or classes. Having time to enjoy my morning coffee, listen to music and not run around with my head cut off, is surprisingly really relaxing. Feeling productive at the start of your day only increases the likelihood of productivity lasting the rest of the day. So wake up on the right side of the bed and let’s get shit done.

Write A To-do List 

I am definitely an organizer of life. My planner for class assignments is always a week in advance. I let myself know what’s coming and enjoy the feeling of it being completed with no worries around the deadline. With work, assigning myself tasks only helps with reaching my ultimate goals. It feels great to cross things off the list and mark as completed. I can’t help but look at what I did and be like, “Hell yeah you woke up and kicked ass today!” Obviously a effective time management tool, writing down personal to-do lists is just as important as work and school, (something I am still grasping.) Each day of the week I am accomplishing the personal things too. That way I am not wasting a weekend doing laundry all day or cleaning up my apartment on a Saturday because that’s the only day I feel I can. Balance is key my friends.

Create A Dream Board 

It’s been said that hanging a picture of a goal you’d like to accomplish in a place you see everyday motivates you to achieve that goal. At College Hill Custom Threads our team has a dream board hanging in the office. I love it. From traveling to Asia, to running a marathon or owning a pricey watch, I am excited for the people around me to accomplish something on the board for themselves that is bigger than daily tasks or nexts weeks exam. Something like this makes you see your life's bigger plans and triggers my inner motivation to accomplish my bigger life goals. From putting an image of a desire/goal in your binder, the backdrop to your laptop or in your bathroom mirror, it will remind you of the big picture and motivate you for the long run. Decided, commit, do.

Inspiration On The Daily 

Everyday seek inspiration. From the people you meet, a song that just gets your life, to finding a good blog, inspiration is literally everywhere. Personally, I am a quote person and my Pinterest account is full of them. I enjoy things that make me think about situations in a different way. It inspires me to keep growing and stay motivated in every aspect of life. Favorite pinterest quote of the day, “The man on top of the mountain didn't fall there.” - Vince Lombardi. Coming in second, “The best thing a woman can have is her shit together.” - Anonymous

Think Positive 

I am still working on monitoring my thoughts. Try your best to beware of self-talk. We all talk to ourselves (some more then others) but sometimes we aren't the kindest. If you hear yourself thinking negative thoughts, stop. Positivity is a powerful tool and rids self doubt. You can do anything you put your mind too. Cliche, I know. But motivation starts with positivity, keep the good vibes flowing and motivation will follow.

Clear The Clutter 

Sometimes it’s hard to be motivated when you see other tedious things that need to be done around you. I am talking about the little things can prevent you from doing the bigger more important things. From cleaning off your desk, to taking out the trash, you might not notice it, but these things linger in the back of your mind and are taking up way too much room. Getting rid of the clutter is like washing your face, start clean and motivate yourself in at atmosphere where your ready to be productive.

Reward Yourself 

This can be tough, but don’t let your list of growing to-do’s stop you from celebrating/appreciating your accomplishments. Reward yourself often and for the little things too. From buying yourself a sweet treat or a new outfit to skipping the gym and taking your time to go on a walk and enjoy the scenery; do things that make you happy because hell, you deserve it. If you don’t pat yourself on the back, no one really will. Take care of yourself and set yourself up to be rewarded.

We are all human and motivation comes in waves. I for one just want to make sure I make the most of the waves I am handed and have the mindset to create my own motivational spark. I think we can all do a little better on paying attention to ourselves in a world that gets busy and continues moving with or without us. Don’t get left behind and stuck in some routine that doesn't have the best intentions for yourself. Stay motivated in work, school, relationship and most importantly life. 

What keeps you motivated? To tell and comment below.


  • Posted by Meiko Suwa on

    Writing a to-do list is definitely something I do when I need to keep myself motivated—I love being able to cross things off my list! Something that keeps me motivated to work toward my goal of traveling abroad is looking at my friends’ posts and pictures about being abroad, because it reminds me of how attainable it is and how there are so many beautiful places I need to see in the world!

  • Posted by Kimberly on

    I myself struggle with motivation more than I should, but with the tips above, I am sure to be on the top of my game. I want to start a dream board of my own and post it in my room. I also schedule out my day and try my best to stick to it!

  • Posted by Alison Mittelstaedt on

    Everything in the first paragraph I completely agreed with so this blog really drew me in to keep reading. Reading about the “waking up early” section, it made me actually want to wake up earlier because she said it is relaxing and that she feels better in the morning. The planner section I love, because I am a HUGE planner girl and I have every single date I need to know in my planner way ahead a time or else I get stressed out.

    Things that keep me motivated are definitely keeping myself organized in a planner and also having goal and achieving them.

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