Halloween Then And Now

Halloween is coming up quick, and I bet you’re already stressing about what costume to wear--I know I am! Thinking about what to dress up as for Halloween, and then having to spend your whole paycheck on it or even worse, having to MAKE it yourself sounds like such a chore! Flashback to the good old days when Halloween was stress-free, and the holiday was every kid’s dream. From dressing up as your favorite superhero or princess and getting loads of free candy, what could be better? It’s safe to say that Halloween traditions change as you go from being a kid to being an adult in college, so here’s just a few of them:

Trick or Treating

Then: Trick or treating was honestly the main thing I looked forward to on Halloween. I remember using pillow covers as candy bags and running around the neighborhood trying to get as much candy as possible. And we all obviously knew the number one rule of trick or treating 101: know what houses give out king size candy bars and go there first, duh!

Now: If I buy any candy, it’s gonna be for me and no one else. Harsh? Yes. Broke? You betcha. If you think I’m gonna buy candy with the $7.00 I have left in my bank account for random children dressed like ghosts, you better think again. Call it karma for keeping the candy for myself, but I know myself well enough that if I eat that one and bar I’m gonna complain about consuming it for that day and the day after. Why you ask? Simply because was not a part of my diet. #NeverGrowUp 

Dressing up

Then: Back then, picking out a costume was so much fun! The bee's knees! The decision of a life time! Oh, and then getting to show it off at school and doing Halloween themed activities made the day that much better. Don’t lie, you know you thought you were the shit struttin’ your stuff, trying to impress all of the girls at recess.

Now: Searching variations of “easy creative halloween costume” on Pinterest is taking up way too much of your time. Is there even such thing as an original costume anymore? Trying to find a costume that no one’s worn yet, AND one that you don’t have to put much effort in seems impossible. I’m telling you, it’s stressful!


Then: Blow up pumpkins, life-size witch figures, hanging skeletons, get ‘em all! And don’t forget to smile and wave while you thank your parents! You might as well take advantage of all of the decorations (and groceries…and rent….) that your parents pay for while you have the chance.

Now: What up dollar store?! If you’re spending more than $5 for Halloween decorations, you’re probably not a broke college student. All you need is a nice little sign that says “Boo!” on your front door, and a pumpkin or two and you’re good to go! You also tend to leave your Halloween decorations up until Christmas break, because let's face it, you are not touching that rotting  pumpkin on your doorstep. 

Carving Pumpkins

Then: I remember trying to find the coolest, most intricate design to carve into my pumpkin that I picked out at the pumpkin patch. Most of the time it looked nothing like how it was supposed to, but it was okay as long as I got to eat the roasted pumpkin seeds that my mom prepped for my friends and I.

Now: If you didn’t Instagram a picture of you and your sorority sisters at the pumpkin patch, did you ever really go to the pumpkin patch? Nowadays, it’s more about picking out a cute little pumpkin, taking a picture with it, and then kind of just letting it sit outside your house for a month until Halloween is over. Actually carving the pumpkin is WAY too much work, let alone roasting the pumpkin seeds. But if you do end up somehow having the time to do all of that, don’t forget to Instagram it! And Snapchat it! And Tweet it! Or it obviously didn't happen.

It's weird to look back at holidays then vs. now. Crazy to think tricker-treating as just a distant memory. Or the fact it will never be socially okay to dress up as Barney or strut myself around as Cinderella or eat 2 pounds of candy in one night ever again. But I am glad I did when I had the chance. Now it's off to make my own damn costume, buying pre-roasted pumpkin seeds and seeing if science made salad into chocolate yet. 

Do you have any funny memories from trick or treating back in the day? Or any “easy creative halloween costume” ideas? Make sure to comment them below!

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