My Fall Bucket List

Hello friends! It’s that time of year again when the leaves are turning, boots are on and the yummy smells of Thanksgiving dinner are in the near future! This may be one of my favorite times of year for multiple reasons, but mainly because there is just so much to do. So I have created my fall bucket list in hopes to cross off the important things. So here we go...

1. Host / Attend A Friendsgiving

Once Thanksgiving break hits, it’s a “goodbye college town and hello homeland and home cooked meals” mindset. That’s why this fall I want to either host or attend a Friendsgiving (a pre-thanksgiving for your closest friends) before I jet out of our college town. Friends are family and what better way to celebrate how grateful you are for your besties? This is also a great opportunity to try different dishes from other family traditions. Have each friend bring their favorite Thanksgiving plate and share the love. #MemoriesMade

2. Clean Out The Clutter

Personally, it’s time for a closet clean sweep. Haven’t worn it in a year? I am saying goodbye. There's something about starting a new season with some room in your closet for new purchases. When my closet is on point i.e. organized by color and type of garment, I feel like I can take on the world. An idea to clear some space in your closet before the holiday shopping season begins is turning your hangers to hook the opposite way then when you wash and put away your clothes hang them as normal. Whatever is left hooked the opposite way needs to be tossed! And let us not forget that this is the best time of year to do so! My goal  is to have a donation box ready before the holiday season hits.

3. Enjoy Some Family Time

College can be rough and a little overbearing with tests and the stress that follows.  Sometimes you just need a chance to get away and get some good old quality family time in. From gathering around the TV watching a redbox movie, strolling through a pumpkin patch or bonding over Black Friday and pushing the crowds out of your way, “as a family,” I’ll take it! One thing I’ve learned while I was in college was that I missed out on a lot of family milestones. From My little brothers first high school dance, to my nephews award ceremony at his elementary school, I’ve grown to milk the time we do have together as much as possible.  So this Thanksgiving break I plan to stay surrounded with my loved ones as much as I can.

4. Shop A Little Earlier

Black Friday! Word to the wise; Move out of my way!  I have a Pinterest board dedicated to my gift giving obsession and hope to tackle Christmas shopping a littler earlier this year. I fell into the study trap last holiday season and my mind was solely on finals week and that week alone. Once my exams were done and I felt like I was on top of the world, BAM! I was the girl shopping on Christmas Eve. #NeverAgain

5. DIY Project

I have a few projects that I’ve had on my backburner. I really want to do them, but with the nice weather I couldn't pass up on outdoor activities and sunny road trips. But now that the weather is cooling down, I hope to find myself inside and dedicated to these projects. Hopefully you’ll see a DIY blog on one of my projects this fall! From a DIY Halloween costume, to Thanksgiving decor, Hell, I will even count carving/painting a pumpkin as a DIY project, I am doing something.

6. Printing It Out

I love Instagram as much as the next girl, but I kinda sorta hate not having physical copies of my pictures from the past few years.  Knowing that these beautiful photos are stuck on a square and never looked at again because they are simply lost in a feed, is heart breaking. So I am taking it upon myself to print out pictures, get some frames and hang them around my apartment. You can even get crafty with them and conquer some of the DIY projects you have on your Pinterest. They make great gifts too, so beware friends; make way for a picture of me on your mantel piece.

7. Fall Hike

I love adventures and getting outdoors, but I am a baby when it comes to cold weather. Usually I save hikes for spring and summer and still end up wearing 2 pairs of socks a long sleeve and a jacket. This Fall I am bundling up and sucking it up by challenging myself to at the very least go on a nature walk, which will probably lead to a hike, but I won’t jinx myself.  I can’t pass up on the beautiful colors of fall and the adventures that are calling. If you know of any great hikes around Eastern Washington or Northern Idaho please comment below!

8. Learn To Cook A Challenging Meal

Might I dare to cook the family turkey on Turkey Day? Gulp… Yes I do. Nothing says “adulthood” like taking the responsibility of the most important dish for the most important meal of the year. You guessed it, as I typed that out, I sort of got a stress twitch in my right eye, so I will start Pinning recipes and how-tos pronto! You hear of the turkey fryer horror stories all the time, and I’m not trying to be the beginning of another one.

9. Sending Out Personal Cards

Holiday season’s greetings have turned into a “Merry Christmas” text or a “Happy New Year” FB post summing up your family and friends into a 3 sentence generic statement. Not this year, not this girl. I hope to be sending handwritten cards to those I love, no matter how far. There is some type of excitement in getting something in the mail these days. Not an email, but a physical envelope of someone sending their best wishes. Pull on your grandmas heart strings and send one her way!

I am sure there is a bunch of things I am missing but let us not get overzealous! Hope I have inspired you to create your own fall bucket list or think twice on a few things you might add to your to-do list. If you have things you want to accomplish this fall, please comment them below!




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