It’s that time of the year again! October 31st is quickly approaching, and it’s almost time to start deciding on a costume-or two- that you will be sporting at this year’s festivities. Unfortunately, many Halloween stores are overpriced and ordering costumes is always a risky thing because you have no idea what it looks like in real life.

If you are like me, costumes have been the last thing on my mind, most importantly the last thing I budgeted for. Why spend hundreds of dollars on Halloween costumes when you can find ways to create your own costumes without spending a fortune. Here are some ideas for some costumes that are not only cheap, but also take little planning and effort:

    1.   Get Catty! 

Yes, I know, the stereotypical costume you see every girl wear during Halloween. But, you know what? It’s cheap. A pair of cat ears can be purchased from any dollar store and almost every girl owns a black dress. As for the whiskers and other effects? Black eyeliner is always my go to. Can you say #basic? Yes, but I say, money saver.

  1.  Become Famous Over Night! Think Athlete or Celebrity!

Forget the goons and goblins, there is nothing easier than impersonating another human being because, well, you are one. Throw some glitter on your face to make yourself the doppelgänger and become Ke$ha. Break out your old 23 jersey and become Michael Jordan for the night! You can’t go wrong with this fun and simple Halloween costume. 

  1.  Throwing It Back To The 90s!

Teased hair, anything high waisted and a TON of denim makes this look a simple one to achieve. Bring out the old band tees, crazy print jackets and snapbacks! Think about your inner child and your life goal of looking like the cast of Saved By The Bell. #HairSprayCrazy 

  1.  The Wild Wild Western

This is perhaps one of the easiest looks to pull off. I mean, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t own a flannel and denim jeans. Put those two together and BAM! You're as rowdy as they come and you’ve got yourself a Halloween costume. 

  1.  Who Said Smarts Weren't Sexy! Nerd It Out! 

Throw on some glasses, high waisted pants and a pocket tee to make this costume complete. Not only is this a fun look, but it can be put together in little time and with little effort. Don’t have glasses to wear? Hack: try your local dollar store and look for a pair to pop the lenses out! SO EASY!

  1.   Throw A Sheet On It & Toga It Out! 

What’s easier than taking a bed sheet and making it into a dress? NOTHING. Just take some safety pins to make it more form fitting and you have a quick and cost efficient Halloween costume option. And since a plain bed sheet can be a bit boring, add some gold decals or glitter to make it more "you." Add a pair of sandals to complete the look!

  1. Bring Out The Good Or The Bad: Angel/ Devil

Yet another cheap costume, that is is easy to pull off and looks good on practically anyone. Only investment that is required are devil horns or a halo. Other than that, all you need is a white/black/red outfit. This is always one of my go tos each year because you can always guarantee that there will be a Heaven and Hell themed function, since it is Halloween.

These are just some of the costume ideas that I came up with. Have any more DIY costumes? Leave them in the comments below! Oh, & Happy Halloween! 



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