The Best Advice I've Ever Received Part 2

The best advice doesn't always come from where you expect it to or when you expect it to, but can surely be advice that can change your life whether you're ready for it or not. From a past employer to a song on the radio, we collect the things that give us an impulse, make us think a little differently or leave us in awh. Some of the best words of wisdom are the words that show us where we want to be, who we really are, what we really want. Here are a few pieces of advice our staff collected on their personal journeys and starred them as the best advice they've ever received.  

1. "Just Go"

Marci, one of our lead graphic designers, was contemplating purchasing a plane ticket to go abroad, when talking to her boss, he told her, “Just go.” Simply hearing a mentor tell her to “Just go and don’t come back” changed Marci’s outlook on life instantly.  “Make what you want a priority, and it will happen. Take the chances, the credit card bills, and the risk of falling on your face, in exchange for the things that are important to you. you only do life once, you don't have time to not just go,” Marci said.

2. "No Matter where you are, there you are. And no matter where you are in the planet, you can call that home... home is where the heart is and that's up to you to decide." - Jazon Mraz


Nick described how hearing Mraz’s Storyteller interview simply changed the way he viewed every aspect of his life. “I suppose when I think about college, or my career, or where my passions take me, I don't feel that there is any permanence to the changes in my life,” Nick said, “ Which is a reassuring thing when you want to go out on a limb and go someplace and do something you've never done before. I can follow my passions from any place in the world, and feel comfortable where I am. And it allows me to take risks, because when I do fail at something, I can always come back home.”

3. "Don't do it alone. Take on other people's burdens and let them care for you. Life is a process, and when we are in it together to learn from each other, support each other and celebrate with each other, it's much sweeter." 


Hailey received this bit of life advice from an old teacher. “It had changed my outlook on how to  treat everyone as a friend, not to use people, but love and appreciate who they are,” Hailey said, “ This advice has helped me focus on people and relationships over anything.”

4. "Make yourself irreplaceable and you will always be valuable." 


Liz received her life changing advice from a past employer that motivates her on a daily basis. After that conversation with her boss she mentioned it changed the way she saw herself. “You want to create a brand and be a person that if/when you are gone, someone would say "there is no one like them" or "they did it the best" and that makes you always valuable.”

5. "...make sure this isn't one of those times for you."


Cullen moved from Atlanta to Seattle in February this past year. Before he made that decision he struggled to make sense of all of the effects in would have on his life by moving away from his family, his  friends, and everything he had ever really known. In search for advice, Cullen turned to his mom. That is when he discussed the pros and the cons of moving, and tried to look at it objectively. Towards the end of the conversation Cullen asked her, "Are you ok with me making this decision?"  Cullen said, “she looked at me and after what seemed like forever she opened her mouth and said,  ‘I don't have any regrets but when I look back in my life I do sometimes wish there were decisions that I had made differently that would have greatly changed my life. Make sure this isn't one of those times for you.’" Cullen took that advice as to take advantage of every opportunity given to you. It can completely change your life. And I'd be willing to wager it's more often than not a change for the better.”

6. "Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone's else life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others opinions drown out your inner voice. And most importantly, have the courage to follow your hear and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. 


Brian found his starred advice from a speech given by Steve Jobs. He told me that this piece of advice constantly guides him everyday in thought and in action. Brian also noted that if you haven't seen it, it’s life changing and I must show you.

7. "What we Need to do (as women) is start acting and risking and failing, and stop mumbling and apologizing and prevaricating." 


Karley found the best advice she's ever received in a book called, The Confidence Code. Karley expressed that this advice made her realize that a lot of women feel as if they have no voice in the workplace and won't be heard on ideas they propose to their male counterparts. It changed me to realize that as women, we need to stop feeling sorry for ourselves and stand up for our ideas and make them heard without first apologizing. Too often words enter our vocabulary like sorry, maybe and what if; to help us prepare for rejection but if we confidently present our ideas we will be heard and respected.


8. "Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." - Mahatma Gandhi 


When I asked Tiffany the best advice she's ever received, she simply stated the quote above. Gandhi's famous quote inspires her everyday to look at her daily life in his words. She explained, "this quote/advice appealed to me because it states that one should enjoy every minute, every hour as if it were their last and enjoy it for life is or can be very short," said Tiffany, "Also I believe that we should be constantly learning and improving ourselves by taking in as much information and knowledge as we can. What is being said here is to do just that and this is why it means a lot to me. I tell myself things like this to get me through the obstacles in life no matter how big or small they are."

Thanks to everyone who participated in my last two blogs! If you have any life advice I'd love to hear it! Comment below and leave me something inspirational! Thanks for reading. 

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