How To Be Productive During Your Winter Break



Winter break is finally here! Finals are done, your new classes are scheduled, and Christmas is in sight! We’ve been busy the past few weeks with things we needed to do, and merely daydreaming of all the things we wanted to do. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the midst of winter break and think you have more time to do the things you've been waiting for since summer, only to wake up early January and realize you basically slept throughout break. That is not happening this year! Here is a list of ways to stay productive this winter break.

  1. Set goals. The wintertime is ideal for focusing on new projects not related to a class, but your life. What are your goals for this break? Hangout with old high school friends? Visit a nearby city? Stop by your grandmas and grandpas for hot cocoa and an old black and white movie night?  Decide on the things you want to accomplish before you pack up to go home. This way, you have a clear vision of how you're going to spend your precious time.

  2. Enjoy the days. It’s winter, the days are shorter and darker, so don’t waste the daylight on a Netflix binge. Get outside! Trust me, I hate the cold as much as the next person, but let's not let it make us feel confined to the indoors. Bundle up and enjoy some fresh air and go on a walk, or a winter hike. Crossing off a little cardio this break will make you feel productive and get you up and at ‘em in the a.m. leaving you the p.m. to sit back and relax.

  3. Stay social. Just because you are back in your old high school stomping grounds, doesn't mean your social life is over for a few weeks.  Avoid eating lunch alone. Ask your mom out on a lunch date, or your old neighbor if they want to grab a cup of joe to catch up. Time goes by quickly during breaks, but looking back at all the people you saw, who you had face to face time with, can make you feel like you accomplished a lot and got quality time in with the people you care most about.

  4. Plan a head. Now that you have some time off, think about all the things you want to accomplish next semester. From writing in your new semester planner important dates, to ordering your textbooks a little earlier to beat the rush at school, planning ahead can set you apart from your classmates and save you the stress of it all later on. Trust me, spending an hour or two during winter break getting your life together is much more relaxing then a week running around trying to do 8 different things all at once while everyone is doing the same.

  5. The happier you are, the more productive you’ll be. Take time to watch your favorite comedy movie, bake that chocolate mudslide cookie recipe you've pinned five different times or finally take the time to update your phone. You will feel like you accomplished way more, my crossing off the little things you've wanted to do over the course of last semester. Do things for you this break, you've had a long semester and you deserve it!

Be prepared to start a new year on the right foot! Welcome 2016 with open arms as you are refreshed from your productive winter break. From spending time with loved ones, setting and accomplishing goals, enjoying doing things for you, you are ready to get back to the grind!




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