Reasons to Join a Sorority ASAP!


Coming to college I was faced with a tough choice: get out of my shell and join a sorority or stay in my comfort zone. I had an epiphany the day before recruitment sign-ups closed. Talk about last minute. I came to my university on my own. No friends, no family, I didn’t know a soul. It dawned on me... who was I going to have lunch with or sit with in class? I took a shot in the dark and signed up for recruitment. Don't get me wrong, I’m not saying being in a sorority is a walk in the park (70 women living in one house is never easy) but I can tell you joining a sisterhood was the best decision I have ever made! 

Lifelong Sincere Friendships

Although you don’t know it yet, on bid day you’re meeting the people who will be by your side through the ups and downs of your college years. When people say they met their bridesmaids in college they’re really not joking. These women will see you when you’re high on life and when you couldn’t imagine being any lower. Going through this rollercoaster with your sisters gives you a bond incomparable to those before it. You’ll always remember the sister who got Dominoes with you every time you went out together or the sister who sat on the floor crying with you when a dumb boy broke up with you. Life happens but it’s better with sisters by your side.

Nationwide Connections 

Not many women go into a sorority with the mindset of making career connections but it is definitely a big bonus. Sorority women are more likely to come out of college and start careers than non-Greeks. I bet you can guess who these successful women end up hiring. That’s right, sorority women and fraternity men. Future employers know that we learn skills such as leadership and accountability through being a part of a chapter and qualities like that are appealing to your soon-to-be boss. So when you join a sorority and your grand big happens to have the same major as you, tally that as a blessing and another door you can open in the future.

Serving Your Community

An enormous part of being in a chapter is going out in the community and giving back. Doing community service with your sisters not only brings you closer but shows those around you that they should be giving back to the place you call home nine months out of the year. There is nothing better than doing work for no other reason to better your community and your sense of purpose.  ATTENTION Shameless plug: College Hill donates 10% of your chapters philanthropy orders back to the philanthropy of your choice. An amazing opportunity to give back, I must say. 

Something Bigger Than Yourself

Sometimes it’s hard to realize that sororities are much bigger than you think. Not only can a chapter be as big as 1000 (or more) members, but nationally there are thousands of those women sporting the same letters. All the women support the same ideals, the same values, and the same purpose. Not only that, but all those women support the same philanthropy and give back to the same cause. You can travel anywhere in the country (and even Canada) and you’ll more than likely meet a woman who shares the same letters. In a sorority you play a vital part of building not just your chapter but also nationally build your house.


While college is the time of your life, sometimes you need that extra push to get your school work done. I know I’ve been in both positions where I was forcing my sister to do her assignments and I’ve been the one being forced. Although these four years are about experience, coming out of college with a poor GPA isn’t something that is worth any Saturday night on the town. Sometimes, your sisters even hold you accountable to loosen up and take a couple steps away from that research paper. You can always rely on your sisters to push you to be a better version of you.

Everyone joins a sorority for their own reasons. Some seek friendships, some seek opportunities to be a leader but no reason is a wrong one. My biggest piece of advice out of all of this is take a chance. What’s the worst that going to happen? You find the women who make you complete? You find your best friend? Take your shot in the dark.



This blog was written by: Panhellenic Delegate at Delta Delta Delta - Theta Nu Ashely Wells. 

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