Friends Tips On Living The Adult Life


If you are a Friends fan then you can agree that there are plenty of life lessons in every episode of the 10- season hit T.V series. 6 best friends living in the same apartment complex is seemingly very relatable in college and your young adult life. Here are a few life lessons I took away from binge watching Friends my senior year of college. 


 1. Everyone is insane. Everyone. 

2. Every now and then, you have to hash it out with your bestie. 

  3. There are plenty of useful things to do in a wedding dress other than getting married. 

4. Your first job isn't going to be your dream job. Also taxes suck.


5. Anything you get asked to do in an interview, say yes, and learn later. 

 6. Expressing your feelings is necessary. Verbally or nonverbally. 

 7. Your 5 year plan... is a joke. 


  8. Every problem can be solved with a hug.

9. Friends that dance together, stay together.

10. Don't take your age too seriously. You are 22. Not dead. 

11. But almost. 


12. But you'll have more fun if you stay young at heart. 

 13. Sharing isn't necessary. What's yours is yours.

  14. Honesty never hurt nobody. 

15. But remember to think before you speak. 

16. Live with your roommates as long as possible. #MemoriesMade 

17. The "real world" can hit you like a freight train, but good friends can change your life. 


I am 100% positive there are plenty of other life lessons Friends bestowed on us. If you have one, comment below! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. 

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