The Seven Types of People at a Super Bowl Party

Planning something big for Super Bowl Sunday? Or are you attending a Super Bowl gathering of some sort? Either way, expect to be surrounded by the following types of people.

The Die Hard 

There is always one of them at the party. This die hard is someone who bleeds the team's colors and their Facebook profile picture is them sitting field side with season tickets running in his/her bloodline. This fan shows extreme and absolute complete loyalty to their team win or lose and they are probably going to win the “Most Profanity Screamed at the TV” award during the big game.

The Commercial Bowl Watcher

 Simply, these are the people that tell you to STFU during the commercials and analyze the deeper meaning behind the Budweiser ad. #BestBuds They rather take a bathroom break in the last 40 sec of a tied game, then miss a Doritos or Ford commercial. #Priorities


The Poor Sport

Chances are there is more then one of these people sitting in the room. They are the ones where their team just didn’t make it to the Super Bowl. Most likely they showed up to the party to knock a few back before kickoff and have the opportunity to speak their mind on the entire season and all the things that happened to their team along the way. Still don’t know who I am talking about? They are the ones coming up with reasons why their team is better than the team actually playing. You might also hear them reminiscing on that one time the flag was bullshit and the other time a ref was paid off.

The Analyst

These are the easy ones to point out. These are the “know-it-alls” of football. They not only know the calls before the ref, or have the ability to lip read what the coach said on the sidelines under his breath, they feel the need to talk about every piece of the game currently being watched by everyone in the room. They also hold the talent of fitting random facts into conversation, with a blast from the past speech on Super Bowl XLIV. Somehow they know what each player ate for breakfast.

The “Hey Girl, Hey.”

 Showed up to the party thinking of it as just another social event and won’t shut up. They literally ruin the entire viewing experience and mood of the group by asking a lot of questions… dumb questions. This person is usually the nominated “beer runner.”

The Bandwagoner

We know this person all too well. This is anyone in the room who claims they are a “fan” of one of the sports team playing. Even if they had no prior support or interest in the team until 3 games ago. It’s hard not to secretly hate this person… but live and let live and take whatever stupid comment they make about the game with a grain of salt… and a shot of tequila.  

The Foodie

The Super Bowl party wouldn't be completed without the foodie. This person is in the kitchen either still cooking, checking on if anyone needs a refill or constantly adding new food to the table. They are the real MVP.

The People Watcher - 
So.... me.


Hope you enjoyed the read and found yourself categorizing your family and friends. I am sure I forgot a few personalities above, so don't be shy and comment below.  Happy Super Bowl Weekend everyone. 



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