The Harsh Realities of Graduating College


Here is the reality of what really happens when you become an Alumni and why you are going to regret “being on track” and graduating “on time”. You know all those horror stories about the real world and being an adult, they are all true. So if you’re a senior in college, pump the breaks your time as a student is about to end and your world is about to change.

Your Operating Schedule

The first thing that is going to change is your schedule. When you are in college you basically get to pick and choose when you roll out of bed for the day and when you want to go home. You can even get away without showering and wearing the same clothes that you slept in the night before. Once you have a big kid job all of that is going to be but a dream. You will most likely have a 9am to 5pm job and that is if you are lucky. You also don’t get to choose whether or not you show up. Yes a real job is mandatory attendance and no you don’t get three unexcused absences before getting fired.

Your Everyday Wardrobe

You know those clothes that you store in the back of your closets for interviews and class presentation? Congratulations that just became your everyday wardrobe, Yikes! Unlike college there is a dress code in the workplace. It’s time to replace your torn tennis shoes, worn jeans, and themed t-shirts into some dress shoes, slacks, and button ups.

Your Social Scene

You know that group message that you have with your friends that the most common group message is, “meet you at our hang out spot in 5 min” just turned into “when will I get to see you next”. If that didn’t make you slightly emotional then I don’t know what will.  If you are moving away to a new city, you are going to have to start your new social calendar from scratch. For those of you staying in your college town after graduation I know what you are thinking, “there are still going to be events happening on the weekends.” You are so right! News flash: you’re not invited! You can’t attend college events, you are an adult now! You have to act like you got your life together.

Your Reputation

You just went from frat star to who the hell is that guy. Ouch! Oh, ladies it goes downhill for you too. Once you’re an Alumni you are considered old news. People are now expecting you to settle down, get married, and have babies! Wait, what? You could barely take care of yourself for the past four years, how are you going to raise a child? I’m sure it’s something you can google I mean isn’t that how you survived the last four years?

Your Lifestyle

The way you go about everyday life is going to change. These are only a few things that you are trading in for your degree. You just traded in the rowdy student section tickets for seats where you sit the entire game. You traded holiday breaks for having to work for vacation time.  You traded having financial aid to having loan payments. You lastly traded being young, wild, and free to being old, safe, and tied down.

I’m sure by now you don’t want to graduate from this wonderful world of college. College could be the best years of your life, but it’s okay to graduate. It’s good that you are growing up and starting a new chapter. What I left out is all the good things that come with that degree and graduating college. What are the good things? Well, I guess you get to find out for yourself.

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Written by Riley Jumper of Washington State University 

February 25, 2016 by Karrisa Cruz
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