Looking for your next Netflix obsession? You know yourself better than anyone, so check out this article to find the perfect series to binge watch that fits your personality perfectly. 

The Hopeless Romantic 

 Friday Night Lights 

Follow these tails of maturing love in the small football town of Dillon, Texas.  Even you boys will love every second of this fast-paced heartthrob television series, it will make you feel a lot better about your love life…or lack of.

The Self-Proclaimed Frat All Star 

Mad Men 

Watch how real businessmen ran the office and partied in the 1960s in this nostalgic series. This cast of strong actors will help you realize there is a real world out there where you’re gonna have to tone down the fratty-ness; a.k.a the business world.

The Athlete / Gym Rat

The Office

Living the busy college life style, you probably only have time for a 30 minute show between your morning workout and class anyway. So you deserve a good laugh! Watch Michael Scott to keep your six pack throughout bulking season.

The Obvious Freshman 


Freshman year, might be the best year to get one of Netflix's best out of the way. Chances are your homework is on an all time low, and you have wiggle room in your class schedule so you can afford binge watching this heart-warming series. Maybe try to learn from their mistakes…

The Know-it-all 


You will be shocked by the crazy life Dexter Morgan lives… Don’t get any ideas, but you will most likely love the way he uses his mind to not only solve crimes, but also murder the guilty.

The Techy

Breaking Bad

Watch Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher, face terminal cancer by making extra money by selling meth made out of his RV. Okay, I know that doesn’t sounds as tempting as the other shows, but trust me, this series is very addicting; excuse the pun.

The Stressor

Parks and Recreation

If you are constantly stressing, you'll grow to love Parks and Rec lead character, Leslie Knope. Take a break from your busy schedule for a guaranteed laugh in this comedic show.

The Slacker

Gossip Girl

If you find yourself lacking motivation, you will definitely identify with this group of particularly attractive kids who’ve inherited their riches in New York City. Most likely they will remind you that you’re not this fortunate in the financial side of life, and might even steer you toward the path of studying. If not, feel free to binge watch and continue procrastinating.

The Low-key Alcoholic


If you’re always looking for a thrill, this group of lost souls will keep your adrenaline pumping even on a night in. This edge of your seat thriller is the next best thing to the bar, but with a lot less guilt the next morning.

The Night Owl 

 Grey’s Anatomy

If you have trouble sleeping, or just like staying up late, Grey’s is the perfect distraction from anything. With a long and complicated story-line it’s sure to keep you interested all night long.

I know that watching a new Netflix series is a serious commitment when it comes to college relationships, but you’ll love these picks to compliment your personality. Start with just a couple episodes and I’m sure you’ll be hooked!


This blog was written by Taryn Fredricks

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