Things you are Forgetting to Pack this Spring Break


With spring break quickly approaching all you beach bums out there going to Cabo, Cancun, Lake Havasu, or even California need to know the necessities to make your vacation as flawless as possible! Here are a few things that might be missing from your suitcase to paradise! You are welcome! 

  1. Please Don’t Stop the Music

Everyone knows music is one of the first ways to get the party going or to add to your relaxation for your day at the beach. Waiting at the airport? Put all your favorite songs on a playlist and you’re bound to have a good time, plus yo don't want to be that guy changing the song every 3 sec. killing everyones vibes. But, for all you lazy spring breakers out there, don’t fret, Spotify has some premade really great playlists like this Spring Break 2016 playlist including your favorites such as Kendrick Lamar and Drake!

  1.     Maui Babe Tanning Lotion

We all know one of the main things we want to get out of spring break, is damn good tan. Am I right or am I right? This tanning lotion is bound to make you come back and have all your friends commenting on your new glowing skin color. I suggest you go buy this tanning lotion that is safe for all skin types as it accelerates the tanning process in your skin so you don’t have to tan for hours on end here! This way you aren’t the only one without perfect bronze skin after break.

  1.     Beach Bum Sunglasses

So you know when you go in the water, drop your sunglasses, and BAM they are gone forever… now your eyes must suffer the sun with no protection and your heart is broken like Rose from the Titanic... Well, good news cause Beach Bum sunglasses are not only cute and in style but they also float, relieving all your worries of losing your sunglasses. Go pick your favorite pair of lightweight, eco-friendly polarized bamboo sunglasses at  you even get a discount if you’re a first time customer

  1.     Personalized Tumbler

An important thing to remember on spring break is staying hydrated at all times, since you are going to be in the sun so often. So grab that plain, boring tumbler or water bottle you have lying around and make it spring break friendly. Channel your inner sorority girl and go crafting crazy, this Pinterest link has some adorable ideas you can recreate!

  1.     External Phone Battery

Between finding and keeping in touch with your friends, playing music, and taking photos while being in the sun, your phone is bound to die halfway through the day. Bring along an already charged portable phone charger and you’ll be set. Halfway through the day you can charge up again and be good to go for the exciting night you have ahead of you!

  1.     Waterproof Phone Case

Like I mentioned above you’re going to be using your phone for pretty much everything and considering spring break involves a lot of water you will probably want a waterproof phone case. Not only can you now take the perfect underwater picture but you won’t have to freak out and throw a bitch fit every time your phone is near water.

  1.     Selfie Stick

Okay, I know everyone makes fun of the infamous selfie stick. But let’s be real for a second, they truly take some damn good selifes and photos at great angles. You’re going to be on spring break with all of your friends and you’re all going to need to fit in the photo… selfie stick to the rescue. Don’t be embarrassed; be proud you’re going to have a dope photo that’s sure to be instagram worthy.  

Clearly there are some things you definitely need in order to survive spring break. Once you get all these necessities you are bound to have the best vacation yet, now go start preparing and have a kick ass SPRING BREAK 2016!


By Paige Cipriani, College Hill Marketing Intern 

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