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If you didn’t already know, College Hill Custom Threads is a thriving young business taking on the entire nation with custom apparel and product orders on over 280 campuses and with many, many businesses. With clients in New York to Los Angeles, College Hill has given its employees the resources to meet company goals as well as their own personal development.  Working remotely is just one of the benefits College Hill employees attain in their time with the company.

Though some companies believe that they need to see their employees working in a cubicle on the day to day, in order to believe that productivity exists… College Hill sees it a tad differently.  Setting goals within the company, the individual's roles and their place within the achievement of said goals is the right mixture to measure “Productivity” no matter where your laptop sits.

Let’s face it. I am a millennial (god I hate that word) but it’s true. I don’t want a 9-6 job that sucks out my soul, mixed with X hour commute to the office and no time for a social life. But really who does want that? If the answer is you, then feel free to stop reading here.

Here are a few benefits of working remotely that I’ve gathered:

Work / Life Balance 

There are many definitions to work, life balance in my opinion. Personally, I see it as the freedom to design my own life. Do you ever work your 9-10 hour day, and all you want to do is go home and pass out? You're exhausted from sitting in the same office space, piled on with an hour + of sitting in traffic, DOING THE SAME EXACT THING MON-FRI? Well, when it comes to working remotely, think reverse. You are in your home, moving around from living room to back porch, to your own home office. Once your day is completed and all your work is finished, all you want to get out and do something! Let’s bring back time with friends and family! Or is that so pre-grad?

Your Office Can Literally Be Anywhere

Working remotely doesn't mean you're now tied to your home, or that coffee shop down the street.  Pick up your laptop and that blessed long battery life and take it anywhere. Long road trip or plane ride, you got this! Stuck in the waiting room longer than your lunch break? Get caught up on your emails. Let’s face it, even that is better then reading that dusty irrelevant magazine on the table in the waiting room. You can only look at Kim Kardashian’s nose job for so long.

Less distractions

This can be different for different types of people, but personally I feel like I get a whole lot done when I step away from my workspace. For example, my job requires creativity. Some of the best ideas I have, come to me when I have room to think. It’s easy to get caught up with the same train of thought in the same environment. Hearing sales calls, or the office vacuum can easily steer you off track. When working remotely, you control your environment that best works for you.  Whether you work best blasting Adele or 90’s punk rock, you get to create your space and tailor to your needs as an individual.

More productive

Believe me or not, working remotely can force you to be more productive without you even knowing it. I believe this because you tell yourself you have to be. The person that works at home doesn't want to go unnoticed or seem like they are slacking. They want to send a few more emails in the day, ask a few questions over the phone or pass on a few tasks to their fellow staff members. They do this just so others know they are still there working hard even away from their desk.

Become more independent

Working remotely often means you won’t be a desk away from your colleagues. Though you can shoot them over an email with a question, it will become faster and more productive to answer your own questions with a quick Google search, a how to Youtube video or reading a few blogs. Sometimes getting your answer much faster than it takes for you colleague to answer that email.

You also develop more skills. For example, writing.  Kevin our Sales Manager in Boston, works different hours than those of us on the West Coast. Writing a concise and clear email, explaining what I need from him for marketing, or what he needs from me in sales helps us save time writing back and forth and allows us to be more sensitive to our teams different schedules. #TeamGoals

Effective Meetings

When the team actually gets together, you're excited, ready to go, flowing with new ideas and a different perspective to what is going on in the company.  You aren't all together listening to each one's day to day tasks but instead you see them reaching their goals and the bigger picture to what they are working on, what you all are working towards. It’s exciting when you see your team succeeding and pushes you to do the same.

Are you determined to find a job that fits your lifestyle? Here are a few career paths that make it easy to work from home:

1 Web developer/ Designer
2. Social Media Manager / Online Marketer
3. Virtual Assistant
4. Sales Person
5. Writer and Editor
6. Computer Software engineers
7. Market and Survey Researchers

Basically anything you can do from a computer / laptop, you can do remotely. I strongly believe working remotely effectiveness, is contributed to a highly engaged workforce within a company's culture, and it takes a certain kind of team and individual to make it happen.  But don’t worry, College Hill Custom Threads isn’t the only company going remote, but it just might be the best. See what I did there? Hope you enjoyed the read! If you have any perks of your own about working remotely, share and comment below!

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    On the topic of working remotely.. I’m very interested. I am working for a t shirt company currently that is not work from home. It is in Florida, though. Which is nice.
    Please contact me if you’d like to chat about any possible opportunities!

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