Interview Tips for the Graduating College Student


Graduation announcements are being ordered and caps are being decorated, it's graduation season. If you are a graduating college senior, you know too well that graduation season also means interview season! Most seniors are searching for real world jobs and everyone else is looking for a summertime job or internship. As I am going through the process of interviewing to get the best job possible out of college, I have started to gain some incredibly beneficial advice from others on how to interview successfully. Here are some of the best tricks I want to share with you!

1.     Plain and simple: BE YOURSELF

The reason this doesn’t sound like rocket science is because it really isn’t. If you go into an interview and just simply be yourself, the employer will get the taste of your true personality. No one wants to hire a robot trying to be perfect like Barbie or Ken. So loosen up and let them fall in love with what makes you unique! In the end, you’ll be more proud that they wanted the real you and not some spit and shine version.


2.  Dress Professionally

Okay, yes this sounds obvious but we all have that one friend who just doesn’t get what professional attire really is. Put the converse, cute spring sandals, and low V-necks away. Always over dress and please don’t forget to run a brush through your hair. This is the employer’s first impression of you; don’t ruin it and make sure to look flossy.


3.  Be Knowledgeable

This is crucial and one of the most important things to remember. Do your damn research on the company or organization before going into the interview. They are giving you the time to sell yourself, make them thankful they did and show them you’re truly interested in working for them! It’s as simple as browsing their website and maybe reading a couple articles, it’s well worth it.


4.  Your Turn to Ask

That’s right, be prepared with your own questions for the interviewer. These can be general that can apply to many companies, or they can be company specific. If you have questions, it shows you are curious about the company and want to know how you can be more qualified. Even asking if you need to clarify any of your qualifications for the specific position shows motivation and dedication!


5.  Tell Them You Want It

Don’t be afraid to tell the interviewer that you want the position. They want someone who is passionate about working for them and telling them straight up that you want it will show that passion. Make sure they know you’re the best fit and tell them you would be the best for the position. To make them believe it even more, ALWAYS follow up with the company after the interview. If you want something you have to say it!


Although there are many other tips for successful interviews, these are a few of my favorite pieces of advice I have been given. I hope these tricks help you for your next interview and help you land the job you’ve always wanted. So wish me luck and I’ll be sure to send positive vibes your way!


Written by College Hill Marketing Intern, Paige Cipriani. 

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