Healthy Sorority Sister Date Ideas


It's a new year, ladies.

At College Hill, we're setting goals to fuel less energy into the things that drain our bodies and our wallets, and more time into things that fulfill us, both mentally and physically. 

We all love a good dinner out, but we challenge you to swap at least one non-active social outing a month for an active one - something that will leave you and your sisters feeling healthy, energized and just plain good.

Here are a few ideas that we personally can't wait to try:

Check out your local yoga studio together

For those of us non-yogis, yoga can be daunting - especially hot yoga. This is why you need your sisters by your side to brave the 100+ degree room (and to laugh with you when you can't hold a pose).

Book a class with your sisters and support each other while you sweat. After class, reward yourselves with a healthy smoothie!

You get extra bonus points in our books if you bring your College Hill Customized Water Bottle to your yoga session!

It doesn't stop there! From customized sorority gym bags to yoga matts! Yoga studios across the country go through College Hill for their customized  studio goodies!

Participate in a university or community run or walk

Almost every town has community 5K weekend races that raise money for charities and other valuable organizations. We encourage you to invite your whole sorority to join you! This is an incredibly healthy and fun bonding experience that will inspire the whole chapter to get fit as you train together. Your unwavering support of one another will be the push even non-runners need to get motivated to finish their first 5K. After the big day, go celebrate and set your next big goal together. 

Best part is College Hill donates 10% back to your selected cause when you place a philanthropic custom order! 

Rent bikes and pedal around your campus

Get a different view this year - from behind the handlebars of a bike. It's a great way to get some fresh air, as well as whole body exercise. Gather your sisters and rent bikes through your university. Most schools give free bike access, so take advantage of this awesome perk! You can take a ride around campus or even bring them off campus to a local farmers market. Don’t forget to ride in style with your College Hill Custom Cinch Pack to hold all your essentials! 

Take a hike

At College Hill, we're fortunate enough to be surrounded by endless hiking trails - there are so many spectacular alpine lakes, snowy mountains and rolling hills to explore. However, for those of you that live on flatter terrain or in a less mountainous region, know that you can hike almost anywhere - there are likely trails right in your city or town - no long drives necessary! Urban hiking is also a great way to get to know your town - grab your sisters, throw on some sneakers and go exploring, whether it's to a mountaintop or just to lunch. 

If you're in search of the perfect Instagram shot and don't want to risk losing power in the wilderness, be sure to grab a College Hill customized portable charger for your trip!

Thanks for reading and here’s to some healthy and fabulous sorority sister dates in 2017! Have fun and be safe out there!

Also, be sure to share some of your favorite healthy ways to spend time with your sorority sisters in the comments below.

See you next week!


January 27, 2017 by Sales Team
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