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  • Why You Need an Internship (and SOON!)

    The perfect college experience doesn’t have a formula, every student does something differently. There’s nothing wrong with relying...

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  • The College Hill Graphic Design Internship Experience

    College Hill’s Graphic Design Interns learned how to brand their own personal brand like a boss in just 5 short months with College Hill Custom Threads. More than customized Greek apparel, College Hill offers a renowned graphic design internship that challenges the creative minds and skill sets of college students on a semester basis.

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  • 5 Life Changing Lessons I Learned as an Intern


    As the semester comes to an end, the reality the the school year is halfway done hits you. If you are a graduating senior like me, the idea of going into the “real world” is terrifying! It seems like all job posting are asking for four years of experience, knowledge of every software possible and your left kidney. Internships have become the new college degree.

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