25 Questions You May Ask Us
And Our Best Answers 

1. Let’s take it from the top. Here’s a common thought: Where do I even begin?

 We ask ourselves this question all the time. Fortunately, at College Hill, we’re all about the easy road - for our customers. We take the guesswork out of custom apparel, from hands-on service to hand-holding, when you need it.

 If you’re interested in placing an order, answer a few questions about your inquiry here and let us know. A member of our team will be in touch within 24 hours.


2. What brands do you offer?


We partner up with the top wholesalers nationwide, bringing you the most current, trending products. Customer favorites include Bella + Canvas, Alternative, Comfort Colors, American Apparel and Nike. Let us know what you like - we can probably get it.

Curious on what is trending this season? Browse our handpicked apparel styles.  


3. Can I order a product if I don't see it on your website?


You know it. We feature some of our favorites, but there’s a whole wide world of products out there. Let us know what you’re feeling and we’ll hunt it down!


4. How much is shipping?


We offer free domestic shipping on all bulk orders placed within the U.S. If you’re ordering from one of our online stores, you’ll be charged a small shipping + handling fee that covers our team of elves diligently working on packing and shipping your items and getting them to your door.


5. Is College Hill officially licensed to print my Greek chapter’s name/logo or my university’s name/logo?


Why, yes! We hold licenses for every Panhellenic and IFC organization and we can obtain licenses for other Greek organizations at your request. We also hold licenses for over 40 universities through CLC and Learfield - and we can obtain more, as needed!


6. For my design, can you put my letters on a Jack Daniels bottle?


Sure can’t. We strive to include creativity and humor in everything we do, but we strictly adhere to licensing standards set forth by Greek and collegiate licensing entities. If you’re looking to get your Greek chapter’s letters on anything referencing partying, there’s a good chance it’s going to be blackballed. We can, however, find equally awesome ways to represent your chapter’s vision, so let’s collaborate to find an alternative.


7. Can I only choose from the designs I see on the website?


You can choose anything your heart desires. The designs on our website simply serve as examples of work we like, or designs that tend to be popular with our clients. If you see something that you like in our gallery, we can modify it for you! However, we love creating new, original designs, so give us your wildest idea and watch it come to life on one of our very capable designers’ computer screens. If you already have your own logo/design, that works, too.


8. What can you do that a print shop at a mall can’t do?


So much more, my friend. So much more. We churn out bulk orders all day, every day - and at a much lower price point. We have an in-house team of massively talented designers that tirelessly work to make your visions come to life on almost any product imaginable. We source the highest quality, most current apparel for you, and get the best shops to put our designs on them. We can individually bag and label each and every item for your organization to distribute. We cover shipping on bulk orders. Want us to keep going? We can.


9. Is there a minimum quantity?


It varies based on the item and design, but we generally ask that an order consist of 12 pieces or more. There are occasionally exceptions, so please don’t hesitate to reach out. The golden rule: it never hurts to ask.


10. What are my options other than screen printing?


In addition to screen printing, we offer embroidery, tackle twill, foil and sublimation. Curious about these processes? Just let us know.


11. Can you do custom names & numbers?


We sure can! We regularly make apparel for sporty folks - or anyone seeking a little personal touch.


12. How long will it take to get my stuff?


Once you have your apparel selected, sizes gathered and design approved (by you and by licensing, where applicable), we’re good to move forward! Our general production time is approximately 7-10 business days for screen printed orders and about 10-14 days for embroidered orders. We can expedite orders by special request, so if you have an event in a week and need shirts stat, we can probably make it happen.


13. Do you offer online ordering?


Yes, indeed! Sometimes you have a group that wants to place an order, but it’s going to be tough to gather everyone’s garment preferences, sizes and payments. In this instance, we can build an online store for your group. We host online stores on Shopify, which allow each member of your group to go on to select an offered item of your

choosing in their specific size. They pay for their items individually, but they’ll all ship together as one big order to you. We’ll offer free shipping to boot! If you prefer to have items shipped individually instead of distributing them yourself, we’ll charge each member a small shipping fee that they pay online while ordering their items. To learn more about our online store offerings, click here.


14. How do I pay for my order?


If you’re placing a bulk order, we’ll send you an invoice that can be paid with either a credit card or check. If we’re hosting an online store for you, each person will pay for their individual order while checking out.


15. How do I get my order that I placed online?


If your online store link said that the order coordinator will be distributing your purchases, that’s the case! If your store link said that items will be individually shipping after the store closes, your items will be shipped directly to the shipping address provided at check-out.


 16. I need to change my shipping address. Can I still do that?


If you placed a bulk order and you need to update your shipping address prior to the ship date, just reach out to us! We’ll get your shipping address updated right away.


If you placed an order on one of our online stores that offered individual shipping, please contact us as soon as possible. As long as you let us know by the date the store closes, we can get your address adjusted!


17. I just received a tracking email telling me that my order shipped, but I want to change the shipping address. Is it too late?


Probably. However, we have options! If only the numerical portion or the street name is incorrect and the order is not yet out for delivery, we can easily update your address. If the entire address is incorrect, we cannot. In that instance, we can arrange for you to pick up your item at a UPS hub (we usually ship UPS).


18. I received more shirts than I ordered. Why is that?


On larger orders, we tend to order extra items just in case of any printing errors - kind of like insurance, with the cost on us. When working with ink, foil and threads, these things happen, though rarely! Ordering extra items helps us ensure that you get all of the items you ordered in tip-top condition. When those extra pieces turn out well, we include them in your package! Share them with anyone that didn’t get a chance to place an order.


19. Can I get a refund?


No. Just kidding! If you received the incorrect item, or an item with a flaw in the print or design, we will happily provide you with a refund (or, whenever possible, a replacement). We may ask to see a photo of the damaged item. We want to make sure you’re thrilled with your order and we’ll do whatever it takes to make it right.


If you ordered an item from an online store and changed your mind - and the order is not yet in production - let us know. We may be able to refund you before it heads to print!


20. Oops - I ordered the wrong size on a College Hill online store.


As long as you let us know before the store closes down and heads into production, this is the easiest fix ever. Just reach out to us and we can switch your size.


21. Yikes. I missed the cut-off time on my organization’s online store. What now?


Moments after an online store closes, it heads into production. Once an order is in production, it usually isn’t possible to add on an item. However, there are always exceptions. If you reach us quickly, we can try to process an add-on order for you!


22. I placed an order in an online store, but I received an email letting me know my order was refunded. Why was my order cancelled?


When we launch an online store, we let the order coordinator know how many items we need to sell in order to head into production. If we sell too few, we can’t move forward. In that case, we’ll reach out to everyone to let them know. Refunds are processed weekly and should hit your account within 3-5 business days.


23. We want to order shirts, but our event is in a few days. Can we still place an order?


Hit us up and we’ll try to make it happen for you! While our general production time is 7-10 business days for non-specialty orders, we can sometimes push through rush orders for our VIPS (a.k.a. you).


24. My College Hill duds are on fleek. How do I tag you guys to show them off?


@ch_threads on the socials.


25. I want to be a rep for College Hill. How do I get started?


We’re glad to hear it. Email us info@chthreads.com to let us know you’re interested or apply here!