CrossFit Devotion


Washington-based fitness instruction facility Crossfit Devotion demands high quality - in its athletes and in its apparel. They turn to College Hill to source top brands like Strideline, Next Level and Bella + Canvas for their wide range of fitness-focused clients. College Hill’s commitment to premium brands is what caught coach and owner Jake Fields’ eye. Together, we cultivated an apparel line that represents elite athletes, both in the gym and in competitions.

Since its humble beginning in a garage in Maple Valley in 2008, Crossfit Devotion has grown exponentially, counting among its members police officers, firefighters, business owners and powerful athletes. There is a certain pride that comes with being a Crossfit devotee and that needs to be reflected in the apparel members are spotted in, both inside and outside of the Crossfit space.

“When we’re putting our brand out there, we want nothing but quality. I trust College Hill to represent our brand in that way,” says Fields. “We worked with many different companies during our first several years in business and it just never quite worked out. We’ve been using College Hill for years now and the quality is evident.”




College Hill does the legwork to find not only quality apparel, but trending, current pieces that are relevant in the Crossfit industry. Fields uses these hand-selected garments as membership initiatives and marketing materials, one-upping the competition with the most desirable giveaways in branded merchandise. “Our members used to throw away the freebies they were given. Now we see people not only holding on to them for years, but sporting them at Crossfit competitions. I think that speaks to the level to which our company has grown, as well as the products we’re getting from College Hill.”

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