Flatstick Pub


Local craft beer hangout FlatStick Pub has an original concept that blends the bar scene and the putt-putt golf course. They approached College Hill to help them develop engaging apparel and products that serve as conversation pieces. Since its opening, College Hill has outfitted staff, as well as hundreds of FlatStick Pub’s patrons and members at both their Pioneer Square Seattle and Kirkland locations. 

We sat down with FlatStick owner Sam Largent to create an entire clothing line that would resonate with regulars and brewery industry types alike. Our team studied their brand, finding a solution that adhered to their branding guide while marrying trending, comfortable pieces and original designs.

Incorporating Washington, craft beer and golf into one piece was a unique challenge, but what resulted was a clothing line so beloved by staff and members alike, FlatStick couldn’t keep it all on the shelves.

“We love to wear these pieces out because they’re totally unlike boring job uniforms. We’re proud to represent where we work. People recognize these shirts and they start talking to us. They’re true conversation starters that open the door for new customers” said staff member Tanisha Pittmann.

FlatStick employees often spot their shirts or hats out in public - particularly the “Drink WA” design, which resonates deeply with the local community.




"In the state of Washington,  there are so many breweries. People really appreciate the beer that we have here and they know we only carry local craft beer. They want to support local businesses and we’re the place to do it" said staff member  Kevin Bennett. 

FlatStick Pub utilizes College Hill as an extension of their marketing and development team. They trust us wholeheartedly to adhere to their standards while pushing the envelope in the creation of branded apparel that blows away the competition.

“College Hill has a really fun team, and so do we. We feel like College Hill just gets us, and it translates through the apparel they make."

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