Highlighted Campus Reps





College Hill seeks the movers and the shakers on every campus. Arman has an entrepreneurial spirit that vibes well with our team. With hopes of running his own company one day, Arman notes that College Hill’s rep program is, hands down, the best rep program with which he has been involved. “Being a part of the College Hill team has helped me grow and expand my network,” Arman says. His highlights are utilizing his marketing degree and having access to the apparel he likes to wear.

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As a real estate major with dreams of running an appraisal operation out West, our all-star campus rep Zachery Schneider is a true people person. He thrives on connecting with his community, getting to the bottom of what they want and making those visions a reality. “Sitting down with my campus network and conceptualizing a design that best represents the client is the most satisfying thing for me,” Zachery says. “It’s really nice to have a sustainable part-time job that gives me real earning potential while I’m still in college.” Fun fact: Zachery was the 2016 winner of our annual College Hill Dream Destination giveaway, where we fly one lucky rep anywhere in the world.

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Like her hometown of Memphis, Emily is full of soul and grit. This Southern belle is a true beast in sales - she exceeds every goal while simultaneously outfitting her chapter in premium apparel and the most current designs. It’s fitting, then, that she is an interior design major with dreams of owning her own business. Emily’s go-getting attitude and attention to detail are paramount for our industry. “Becoming a campus rep for College Hill was one of the best decisions I ever made in college,” Emily says. “I’ll always cherish my time here!”

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