K&K Welding


K&K Welding is a family-owned and operated, Enumclaw, Washington-based welding company. For decades, K&K has been a go-to in their small community for commercial, industrial, farming and residential welding needs. Their industry demands comfortable, flexible apparel like lightweight tees for summer months and warm beanies for drizzly Washington winters.

K&K approached College Hill with a challenge -- outfitting an entire family based on age and personal style preferences, while ensuring that all garments are safe and comfortable for the welding environment. 

K&K’s men sought out high quality fabrics and brand names while the women wanted trending apparel - and cute youth versions for the kids. “We’ll often come to College Hill with a vague idea, like just wanting a crewneck. My husband, in particular, is very specific about the materials he wants to wear. College Hill will come back with several tailored options that fit our vision and industry,” says co-owner Renate VanHoof. “Their customer service is so easy-going, too - they’re so understanding about our specific needs.”




For K&K, custom apparel isn’t just about outfitting staff in comfortable, stylish apparel - it’s about advertising. Their College Hill duds serve as walking billboards around town. “Our apparel is really the only way we advertise. It’s a marketing tool for us. It elevates our brand, leads to community recognition and, when people see us out in our beanies or jackets, they’ll say, ‘hey, we need new beams installed!’ It starts a conversation.”

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