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MiniNail College Hill Case Study

MiniNail College Hill Case Study The Future of Concentrate Vaporization

Seattle-based electronic e-nail accessories manufacturer Mini Nail describes College Hill in three words: trustworthy, responsive, relationship-focused.


As trendsetters in their industry, Mini Nail looks to College Hill for innovative branding solutions that go far beyond the realm of custom apparel and promotional products. Since its inception, College Hill has been there - from logo design to the creation of product packaging.


While College Hill often creates add-on gifts and gadgets for Mini Nail to present at tradeshows, it’s our work with packaging design that is most integral for the brand - clients need to know there’s a quality product inside each box.



“In order to have confidence in an expensive product - something that’s really an investment - the packaging needs to look clean and precise, “ says co-founder Bryon Gangwish. As Mini Nail expands its business model and moves into overseas markets, they look to College Hill to create flexible, targeted marketing materials.

“We chose black and yellow as our colors because nearly everyone else in the industry is using the color green. We were really inspired by the look of ‘shatter’ - those in the industry know that shade of goldish yellow,” adds co-founder Jeff Koellermerier. “That makes our branding pretty universal. We want our new customers in Chile, or in Switzerland, to know what they’re getting when they see the design on the box. College Hill helps us streamline that visual messaging.”



MiniNail College Hill Case Study

MiniNail College Hill Case Study

Mini Nail also turns to College Hill to create materials that match their packaging - pricing sheets, shirts and add-on products that keep customers engaged.


“With an industry that’s always evolving, colors, products and prices can change all the time. When we need to change one element, we need to change it all. College Hill is so flexible and ahead of the curve that we know we can always trust them to get things done quickly - and right the first time.”

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